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Mikhail Baryshnikov

Dancer Extrordinare

When I was 7, my Mom taped the live performance of The Nutcracker for me. Ever since, I've been crazy about Mikhail Baryshnikov, the Russian dancer who danced the role of the Nutcracker prince so gracefully. A russian dancer born in 1448 (making him way too old for me), Baryshnikov defected to the US in 1974 and joined the American Ballet Theatre. He also danced with George Ballanchine's New York City Ballet. Along the way he became an actor as well, earning an Oscar nod in Ther Turning Point, and ppearing in White Nights, and other movies. In 1989, he starred on Broadway in "Metamorpheses". He is currently the Director of the White Oak Dnace Project and tours the country performing his modern dance peices. One of his recent works involved him dancing alone onstage to only the sound of his own heartbeat.