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Hunk O'The Moment

So, I saw Deep Blue Sea. It wasn't at all bad. Besides the fact that the CGI effects weren't always even, and that Saffron Burrows gives a lackluster performance, it really kicked a$$. It even got me to jump and sit on the edge of my seat, and that's a hard thing to do. Jaws it's not. What's my point? Nothing at all. I was just sharing. So, besides great action and Michale Rappaport (the cutest non-cute fellow in history), what did this movie have? A hunk in a wetsuit, namely Thomas Jane. Lord, he's good looking. He reminds me of a younger Christopher Lambert (without the French accent). Chris of Film Threat called him the next Steve McQueen The Towering Inferno, the guy that's not Paul Newman), and I'd have to agree.

Some critics (that shall remain nameless) have criticized his acting (at least in this movie...he's damn good in other things.), but give the guy a break. He's afraid of sharks, and to be honest, the script didn't give him a bunch to work with. (Picture 3 guys sitting around a table writing the screenplay. 'Well, we have the shark wrangler. Should we give him depth?' 'Nah, let's just have him be heroic and strong. Who wants actual character development?' It's truly sad. But the action saves the movie - big time) Anyway, he's a much better actor than, hmm, most of the action stars, and Jane looks good in a wetsuit. Sure he could have added 'spark and flame' to his performance, but who really cares. It's not the type of movie where you actually have to emote. And her was far better than Saffron Burrows. She acted like she was on Valium the whole time.
So Thomas gets a 9 on the Frigidwitch scale of sexiness. His wetsuit fronm Deep Blue Sea gets the other point. How I love mens' chests.

(sometimes billed as Tom Elliott)
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And the scary part? I've seen all of them but 3. I need help.