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All about me

So, who am I?
here's a quick rundown...
I am
Frightfully intelligent in ways that benefit no one, least of all myself,
Rather ugly in a not so manner,
In a rut
Glad to be an american, where at least i know I'm free,
Indispensible to those who want my brain for experimentation after I die
Dying for a Slurpee,
Wishing I was somewhere over the rainbow, way up high,
Idealistic in a cynical way,
The bane of my mother's existance,
Chaste, not through choice, but circumstance,and
High on life.

Care to know more? I'm a 5'3" college student at UCSC (but don't try to stalk me, I'm transferring so you won't be able to find me). I have a cat,Oz the Great and Powerful, and three hellspawn (my mum likes to call them my brothers).
Oh, and I was born once, and I plan to die someday. But I think that's getting kind of personal.