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Here are your poems...Pick your fave artist, and have fun.

By FrigidWitch

*NEW* "Not Enough"
accecptance -
all I seek.
Though the mind
is willing
the flesh
not good enough
is all I hear
too fat
too poor
too ugly
nice teeth though.
no words of praise
just disapproving glares
so I hide
and wait -
for someone
to say I'm
good enough

curled up inside my shell
she waits -
that beautiful creature
all will love.
sometimes she tries to push out
but my skin is too tough
so she waits
to try again another day

*NEW*The Tunnel
A light Shines
In a tunnel -
As the Girl walks toward it
The Light is extinguished.
And she's left blind
A voice Booms out -
Sorry, we're full.
So she's Stuck in the Dark

I am not pretty,
Or talented.
I am shy,
But none of that matters.
I am me,
Myself, I.
A person.
I can walk,
People care for me,
Love me -
And that
Makes me

Mix together
And form
A human

A little bird
Weary from his flight,
Stops to rest in the middle of the road.
Relaxing, his reflexes slow
Just enough that
He can't escape
The car bearing down.
He is trampled,
A small broken body
Bereft of life
Lying in the road

deep in the
of your
wells up,
into every
of you
it can
go no
and you

Two for Tea
Finger sandwiches for lunch
But whose fingers to use?
Fat, skinny, long, short,
Plump, sinewy.
So many to choose from.
Let me see your hands.
Such nice fingers -
Elegant, svelte.
Mind if I use them?
Thank you.
Oh, don't cry,
Fingers aren't necessary,
And the pain will fade soon.
By the way,
Care for a sandwich?

It sits
Wiggling slightly
A foreign species
Alien to this world.
It comes in all colors
Red, green, blue,
Mold it, shape it
It bows to your whim
Take a bite
Don't bother chewing
Jiggle, jiggle in your tummy
Jump around, it sure feels funny
Don't be scared,
It can't hurt you
It's just
A bowl
Of Jell-o

begins gradually,
barely noticeable.
as you sit
it increases,
getting hotter
you can
no longer
stand it
and you

what can you do with a lemon?
SoÖwhich do you want me to do to you?

I Love You
I love you.
In the beginning I didn't -
True love is a crock.
I didn't chase after you,
I wasn't interested in your body.
All I wanted was friendship
Plain and simple,
And that you gave freely.
You helped me out,
And I tried to do the same for you.
But now you're leaving,
Unknowingly taking my love with you,
Leaving me with the knowledge
That although you're in my heart,
I'm not in yours.
I'm just a face among many
And will quickly fade when you're gone.
In six months you probably won't remember me.
And that hurts, and I wish
That I didn't love you at all.

The Vampire
The vampire
Tall, dark, handsome
He creeps in, silently,
Invading my room.
I lay sleeping, yet he comes,
Leaning over my bed.
He places his lips on my neck,
His fangs embedded in my flesh.
Blood flows, and as he drinks
We become one.
My life flows into him,
Part of him in me.
At the moment of decision,
He pulls away
Leaving me pale and gasping for breath.
He runs his cool palm over my cheek,
Smooths my rumpled hair -
Then he is gone, and I am alone
And I lie, waiting for him
To come again
My dark knight.

The sun goes down,
And I rise, open the lid
And step out.
The hunger moves me,
Drawing me outdoors
Into my own open-air market.
A shriveled old woman,
Too worn for my taste,
A young boy, not enough
To quench my thirst,
Pass by.
Then I see him, the perfect meal.
I creep up to him,
Drag him into the alley,
And drink my fill.
I wander the streets then,
Before the last vestiges of light disappear.
I go back to my bed,
Arrange my limbs, and dream of daylight

By Gabbi

untitled 1
been hurt, torn apart
gaping wounds like hungry mouths
but i don't bleed
souls can't
watch myself - from a distance
trying to stop you - i have no resistance
so do with me what you will
just be gentle
barely mended - still so fragile
cry my story - life's so tragic
dry my eyes - almost better
life's lost its magic
but i'm almost whole again.

Undecided Virtue
Assulted on all sides because I am unsure
Where I am supposed to be.
Question my morality, judge me -
But only after you've helped compromise me.
Dismiss my ideas as the foibles of my mind -
Dehumanized by having my thoughts taken away.
Searching for beauty, praised for my beauty
While my warped thin body betrays me.
Indecisive about what to do
The things I like which are condemned
Can ignoring that part of me really be good?

untitled 2
sitting idly, or rather
motor won't start
it has no more power
try to start me
jump me
a jumpstart might help
carefully pray, then,
to every got ever
invented by a
desperate man
for strength to go on
of course no answer
not suprised no
not very dreadfully shocked
secret disappointment
dusting corners of my soul
falling apart but then
I guess that
deserve it.

A death by light;
The fire has burned bright.
While a woman died
not a villager cried.
demons from hell,
summoned by spell
attacked the village by night;
Strangeld by fright
people jumoed from their beds.
Strong blows from claws, and off came their heads.
Then a horror, a single spark
up blazes the village, lighting the dark.
And close, in a hidden lair,
A coven of witches majick with care.
Bones crack and skins blister
Satan's daughters have avenged their sister

Untitled 3
I am a child of darkenss
fallen prey to chasims in my own mind.
I am a child of of light
blinded by the "truths" society wishes to impose on all.
I am a creature of soul
tormented by a struggle between two worlds
I am an amimal
driven into frenzy by the pain of my wounds
settle the difference with the ancient challenge...
steel. I ddrive cold metal into warm flesh
and read the answer that spills forth
I am a child of darkness

Untitled 4
rainbow smiles
sunshine eyes
you are a miracle
pearly wisdom
blinding purity
o, child, your innocence
shames me.
so young, so very young
so unspoiled by
all that's vice.
don't grow up to
You're everything anyone
ever wanted to be.
You're beautiful, but
what does it matter?
You hold hands with
the universe and
magically balance on
Moonbeams talk to you,
desires your attention
you are a powerhouse
my source of love.

By Danielle
ShadowsThick blackness envelops
legs, arms. Head weighted
with lead blankets.
Dark whispers float across
my skin
reaching my mouth

Enfolded, covered by
filmy gray dreams,
visions of wonderland and the jabberwocky
flit acros my private screen.

Muddled in blackness,
wandering negitive feilds
shunning the light.

Music is a flood of sound,
flowin, swirling, around your feet.
Swishing, covering your legs in a symphony
of harmony
Pounding and breaking across your chest
the beat alters your heart
until it pumps in time with the music.

lub dub, lub dub, lub dub

The thick myaism of melody
flows in your ears,
your brain a puddle on the floor.
It fills your mind.

Soon you are drowned in it.
A feotus cradled in a womb
of music.
Warm and Safe in
the flood waters.

By Solv Raev

silence pours into the very depths of my soul
all the silent cries go unheard
pain flows like honey, trickling with every sweet drop
solitude opens the doors to oblivion
life seems worthless without a cause
but all the causes seem superficial and petty
perchance I will take in the silence
and embrace the sweet blanket of oblivion
no, I must endure; things run smooth 
once they've been fixed.
now I have to fix my soul before the 
silence  swallows me into its black
abyss of oblivion 

I Scream

I one hears
I'm trapped within my fears
I bite
I tear
I scrape
I cut
further and further
	into the abyss I fall
to deep, too dark
	then there is nothing at all
the redness seeps in all around
the chains of life leave me tightly bound
Iím lost in a world Iíve never known
to far gone to find a way home
apocalyptic dreams streamed with fear
the revelations of life all seen here
the dark pain-all inhumane
brings me ever near
Iíve know sin, an ever cruel fate
all my life I hesitate
the fears within fuel my rage
emotions trapped, enslaved in their cage
never knowing happiness
never knowing joy
never knowing anything but fear
only knowing anger 


	what are they? are they
supposed to be interpreted or
are they supposed to just be, 
pure and simple.
	why should life contain 
complexities?  why not allow 
emotion to flow freely?

	why must we question 
everything about us?  Do we truly
 want to know all the reasons; 
all the answers?

	We know that we put up
walls around ourselves only to
have someone break down that
barrier with their questions, yet
when the wall is broken we are
happy; why replace the bricks? 
why not leave life an open book
for all to read?

Dispel the wall, return to simplicity

	we fear each other. without
our wall we feel we have lost our 
individuality, we discover how alike 
we truly are to everyone else

	Donít are walls hide up 
behind something unoriginal?  hide
 us behind a facade that appears
 like someone else.  is individuality
 then lost behind the wall also?



all he was was afraid
never knowing what was right
only knowing what was wrong
an alien, he was a stranger
but oh,
unsure of what he was
the obsession took over
never stopping
the sweet sweat trickled past his brow
stinging the eyes
the release took over
someone else emerged
the freedom
the release...

it wouldn't last
the blackness would seep back in
the obsession would return 

Mirror of the Soul

I had a little mirror that peered into my soul
it was made of the purest glass and shone with a glow
if you peered inside you would see
past flesh and bone to the core of me
there you would see my laughter, my joy, my happiness;
there you would see my anger and sadness;
but brightest of all is my love
where I am with you high above 
the world and lost among the stars
joined forever. 


a dagger slices through my skin
the gossamer flesh oozes sanguine
a gray weariness penetrates my soul
ice grows upon my flesh
numbness captures my body and
my mind cries out for sleep 

By Stephanie
ever present
ever with us
causing hurt
causing pain
life is precious
life is dear
love your friends
love your life
you never know
when the end is near

A Thought of Death
Have you ever thought about death?
Contemplated life, and realized how short it is?
Have you ever wondered when you're going to die?'s always there
lurking in a corner, in the shadows...
waiting for the right time, catching you unaware does not discriminate does not care
about who you leave behind, or
how much you're needed or loved
Death...does not take into account
age, or
race, or
Death is, and
Death always wins.

The tears
running down my face
are salty, hot
like blood?
i want to see
how pretty the blood is
as it flows out of me.
I will know the taste
the temperature
i still wonder--
like tears?
tears should be a release,
but for me they no longer work
my soul is scarred
my heart is torn
can i ever recover?
NO. do i ever WANT to recover?
wouldn't it just be easier
for me and me alone
to leave this world?
yes, i'm a selfish bitch
but even eternal physical pain
would be better than the hurt
the ache in my heart,
my soul
the one who i trusted
i loved
betrayed me
didn't love me in return
and couldn't even tell me
what he was feeling.
SHE had to tell me
what he was feeling
SHE had to tell me
had to open my eyes
SHE had to be the one to
rip open my heart
now, not even the pain
of burning flesh can assuage
that hurt
the hurt of BETRAYAL
there's nothing more painful
in eternity
than to be betrayed by one
you loved
you trusted
happy faces on arms
made by hot lighters
blades against flesh
biting into skin
cold gunmetal in mouth
--i dont' know the taste
of this one--
are all ways of escape
sweet escape
from the pain of life
when you can no longer cry
for release
when you can no longer feel
in your soul
physical pain is all there is
and even then
tears may not come
hot, salty tears
are they like blood?

Untitled 1
My dear friend
I await you
Let our gift of Love
Keep us close
Through the Pain,
The Trials, the Tests
Even though at times
Insecurities flood us
Our Friendship proves True
Tough whispers of Hurt
Knife through the light,
Our Friendship proves True.
Together, the sun fills
a void in me.
Apart, the lonliness fills me,
like a cold, gray winter storm.
One imperfect moment with you
Is like a sun-filled spring day
One perfect moment without you
Is like a shadow, a void.
You are the road that leads me
to happiness, to fulfillment
You bring out the best in me,
And accept the worst in me.
You are there
When I truly need you.
You are all I could ever ask for.
You are my Best Friend.

Every Night
Lying awake, I think of you,
When I'm asleep, I dream of you,
I can never escape thoughts of you
Because of how much I love you.

Every night, in the darkness
I lay in my bed and remember
all the times I've enjoyed with you,
and now I think of how soon it will end.

Every night, in the darkness
I dream about the past we had,
and the future we never will.
Many times I awake in tears.

Every day you enter my thoughts--
At school, at home, whenever.
I envision you in my mind,
And I cry for what we'll never have.

You never realized how deep my love ran,
Or else you were too afraid to acknowledge.
And now that you are leaving me
all I can do is remember and dream.

I just wanted to tell you
How deep my love runs,
And to make a wish
On the brightest star I ever met...
That you will remember, and dream, too.

from J
The Cuts on my arm
The cuts on my arm don't mean anything
just like the bruises on your body don't mean anything
well that's what we'd like to believe anyway
my scars won't heal quickly
your bruises will fade but the pain will remain
i like to feel pain, physical pain
but no one is there to hear my cries
because no one cares
well that's what I believe anyway
I know I'm worth nothing, because that's what i feel.


Tired of wanting something thats not there
Tired of living in my world of despair
Wanting happiness
But finding only loneliness
Tired of needing something that doesn't need me back
Tired of calling you and you never calling back
Hurting the most when I think about you
Keeping it to myself cause of what you would do
Tired of keeping secrets
Tired of pretending
Tired of loving you and you not knowing
But mostly
I'm tired of being rejected by you every time I try.  

Is an art, like everything else
I do it exceptionally well
I do it so it feels like hell
I do it so it feels real
I guess you could say I've a call.

by May

How do you stop someone from killing themself?
You don't know how they're going to do it
or when they're going to do it
you could be talking to me today
and the next day i'd be gone
you'd call my home and ask for me
and someone would respond: she just passed away
what would that do to you?
would you even care
I wonder about this while i sit and stare
i wonder about my future
I don't have one
about my past
soon to be gone
and my family
they never knew when i had a problem
did i keep it that well hidden?
or were they too busy fighting, that they didn't notice
yes, that's it
I bet i could kill myself
and nobody would find out till the next day
the next day when my mom would come in my room to wake me for school
when she opens the door
she sees me laying on my bed
in my favorite clothes
covered in blood
my sheets and pillows also stained with blood
with my wrists slashed
4 length wise and 3 across
to be sure i was successfull
and i was
my knife lying on the floor beside my bed
next to me is this: the last words i write before i die
and under a pool of blood is my notebook
maybe she'll be able to read the poems, if they're still legible
or has the blood washed all the ink off the page
oh well, she'll never know
why did she do it? because she had problems
no one seemed to care
is it someones job to stop one from killing themself?
it's not up to them
for just that could drive someone insane
who would do that? no one
so i let everone off the hook and write my last words
the last time i say goodbye
it's nobodys fault...all blame i put on myself
my problems, my life, my death
I take back every mean thing i said to you...I'm sorry
I love everyone
i love all my friends
you know who you are
but even they couldn't stop me...even they didn't know
i'm sorry if i hurt anyone by doing this
if i burn in hell forever for this mortal sin
then that's what i deserve
but i couldn't live like this for another day